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Binkill Dump / Agricultural

Binkill Dump / Agricultural is a larger (65gm) strip containing the same constituents as is used in the household product. Binkill Dump / Agricultural will protect dump or waste bins up to 10 cubic meters and will eradicate any forms of flies, maggots and disease carrying creatures.

Once again it can be relied upon as a “set and forget” way to eliminate disease carrying insects and deodorise your bin for bin for approximately three months.

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Binkill Protector

With the tie provided Binkill (10.5gms Net) is attached to the household wheelie.

Once attached Binkill will protect the bin for three months with a vapour that is deadly to flies, maggots and all insects.

This “set and forget” product will keep your bin free from disease carrying insects whilst eliminating the smells and odours that can come from the day to day waste in the bin. Binkill is water proof and will not be affected by hosing out of the bin.

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