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Biodegradable Garbage bag

Hey….What’s so good about Lazco Biodegradable Bags???

The Lazco bag ticks ALL of the boxes for responsible people wanting to rid the world of plastic and to protect our threatened marine, river and land wildlife friends

The bags are 100% bio-degradable and compostable, they need no help at all…stick em in the garden or in the bin……they will just disappear.

They are 100% marine biodegradable and are safe for sea creatures to eat.

They are 100% river and fresh water degradable (we have got the trials to prove it)

They are 100% safe for humans …see the video of our founder drinking the one he put in hot water

They feel, act, smell, and carry things the same way as plastic does…….the only difference is , they aren’t plastic

They have no Carbon Foot print as they made from Cassava harvesting by products.

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